How do we recognise positive behaviour choices?

When a pupil’s behaviour meets or goes above and beyond the expected behaviour standard, staff will recognise it with positive recognition and reward. This provides an opportunity for all staff to reinforce the academy’s culture and ethos.

Positive reinforcements and rewards will be applied clearly and fairly to reinforce the routines, expectations and norms of the academy’s behaviour culture.

Positive behaviour will be rewarded with:

Star of the Day:

  • At the end of each day, an individual will be selected by the class teacher to be Star of the Day based on them displaying one of the school’s core values.
  • Each selected individual will be given a certificate as well as an opportunity to select a prize from their class’ prize box.

Birley Superstars:

  • Through the use of the academy’s behaviour recording system, the consistent display of positive behaviour will be recognised through the accumulation of behaviour points.
  • These behaviour points will be celebrated at specific milestones – 75 for bronze, 150 for silver and 250 for gold – during the course of the academic year with a Birley Superstars certificate.

Star in the Jar:

  • This reward is achieved collectively as a class. If the class have demonstrated one of the school’s core values, they will be given a star to place in their jar.
  • Each class will be aiming to fill up their jar with 25 stars. Once this has been completed, they will be given a reward of their choosing.

House Points

  • Individual achievements and positive behaviour within the classroom, intervention groups and around the academy can also be rewarded with house points.
  • House point totals are counted weekly with children updated regularly within assemblies and through our house point display. The winning house team will be rewarded on a termly basis with a special treat organised at the end of the academic year for the overall winners.

Golden Tickets

  • Children who are displaying positive behaviour during lunch and break times will be rewarded with a golden ticket
  • All golden tickets are placed into a draw, which takes place every Friday, and 5 lucky winners will be able to select a special prize from the Inclusion Team.

Hot Chocolate with the Headteacher

  • These tickets can only be awarded to children for outstanding learning within the classroom during the week.
  • These tickets will be entered into a fortnightly draw and 5 children will be selected to have Hot Chocolate with the Headteacher whilst sharing their accomplishment.

Sparkle and Shine

  • Every week, one child is selected by their class teacher to have their work/behaviour acknowledged in the Sparkle and Shine assembly.
  • This celebration assembly is attended by parents/carers where possible and is led by the Headteacher.

Value Ambassadors

  • Every fortnight, one child from every year group will be selected to become a school value ambassador, based on their behaviours against the school’s value of the week.
  • Each child will be given a Value Ambassadors Pin Badge to acknowledge their amazing achievement and will have their photo displayed in the Value Ambassadors’ Wall of Fame.

Marvellous Me

  • All parents and carers have been provided with access to the Marvellous Me app, which is used to celebrate the success of children with their parents at home.
  • This can be used to send pictures of fantastic learning, pictures of children displaying the school’s values or acknowledgements of special achievements.


  • Teachers and teaching assistants will be provided with ‘Noticed You Notes’ to give to children to acknowledge positive behaviour, effort or learning.
  • Teachers and teaching assistants can also give out general stickers or stamps for individual success within the classroom.

How do we respond to negative behaviour choices?

When a pupil’s behaviour falls below the standard that can reasonably be expected of them, staff will respond in order to restore a calm and safe learning environment, and to prevent recurrence of misbehaviour. 

Staff will endeavour to create a predictable environment by always challenging behaviour that falls short of the standards, and by responding in a consistent, fair and proportionate manner, so pupils know with certainty that misbehaviour will always be addressed. We address misbehaviour through the use of the behaviour systems below:

Out of this World Behaviour+3 points & visit to Headteacher’s Office.
Superstar Student+3 points
Shining Role Model+2 points
Mission: Ready to Learn+1 points
Houston, We Have a Problem-1 points
Heading Back Down to Earth-2 points
Flight Grounded-3 points

Birley Superstars Behaviour System

De-escalation techniques will be used to help prevent further behaviour issues arising, such as the use of pre-arranged stages and phrases. These are the agreed stages and phrases used, when necessary, in classrooms to de-escalate behaviour.

Step 1Houston – We Have a ProblemEnsure that the child is clear that a rule has been broken.The child must be made aware that they have now received two reminders about their behaviour and they will be moved down the rocket to ‘Houston – We Have a Problem’    
Step 2Heading Back Down to EarthChildren will be given a final reminder and may even be asked to move within their classroom to complete work, to reflect and then correct their behaviour. Display this to the child by moving their peg to the ‘Heading Back Down to Earth’ section.  
Step 3Flight GroundedChildren should be sent to a partner classroom for 5 minutes (KS1) or 10 minutes (KS2). Upon returning to the classroom, children should have a chance to redeem themselves by having a positive conversation with the class teacher. 

Step 4Loss of Break TimeExplain to the child that the consequence of not changing their behaviour will result in a loss of break or lunch time in the SLT office. With a member of SLT, a conversation will be held about the behaviour choices that led to the sanction with children provided with the chance to reflect on their actions.
Step 5Fixed Term Suspension  Only if deemed appropriate.  

All pupils will be treated equitably under the policy, with any factors that contributed to the behavioural incident identified and taken into account.

When giving behaviour sanctions, staff will also consider what support could be offered to a pupil to help them to meet behaviour standards in the future.

The academy may use 1 or more of the following sanctions in response to unacceptable behaviour:

  • A verbal reprimand and reminder of the expectations of behaviour
  • Setting of written tasks such as an account of their behaviour
  • Expecting work to be completed at home, or at break or lunchtime
  • Staying in at break or lunchtime
  • Loss of privileges
  • Referring the pupil to a senior member of staff
  • Sending the pupil out of the class to a designated and supervised area
  • Letter or phone call home to parents
  • Agreeing a behaviour contract/behaviour card
  • Removal of the pupil from the classroom for an internal seclusion
  • Suspension
  • Permanent exclusion, in the most serious of circumstances

Personal circumstances of the pupil will be taken into account when choosing sanctions and decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis, but with regard to the impact on perceived fairness.