Hot Chocolate with the Headteacher

At Birley Primary Academy, children have the opportunity to have Hot Chocolate with the Headteacher. Our Hot Chocolate with the Headteacher reward is a special time for children to sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and have a chat with Mrs McAughey.

Each week, class teachers will reward a small number of children in their class with a raffle ticket. These raffle tickets are awarded to children for a number of reasons but are typically given to children who have either produced an excellent piece of learning, acted as a role model in terms of exemplifying the academy’s core values or to those children who have shown an excellent attitude in lessons and really gone above and beyond in terms of effort and hard work.   

The Hot Chocolate with the Headteacher reward is very hard to achieve. Firstly, children have to be awarded a raffle ticket by their class teacher which is an amazing achievement within itself. These tickets are then placed into our weekly draw within our academy’s Sparkle and Shine assembly, where only 5 children are selected to visit Mrs McAughey in her office to have a cup of hot chocolate and a chat, where Mrs McAughey will ask children to share their accomplishments at the academy that week.

Mrs McAughey, Headteacher, has this to say about the reward, “Hot Chocolate with the Headteacher has quickly become one of the highlights of the week at Birley Primary Academy for both myself and the children. Having the opportunity to celebrate hard work and achievements of pupils on a weekly basis whilst serving hot chocolate covered in whippy cream and marshmallows to smiling faces is such a joy and a great way to end the week at Birley!” Congratulations to the five children below, who were selected as winners of the Hot Chocolate with the Headteacher reward in our most recent Sparkle and Shine assembly.