Birley Brigade

Birley in the Community

At Birley Primary Academy, one of our key curriculum drivers is Community. In recognition of this, the academy try and get actively involved in community events and work with local organisations to either bring about improvements in people’s lives and in the community or we simply try to raise a smile. Have a look at the fantastic amount of work completed by our Birley Brigade at the academy this year.

Brackenfield Hall at Christmas

As an academy, we made our annual visit to Brackenfield Hall Care Home. At this time of year, we love to visit the older residents at the home to generate some festive spirit by singing a mix of Christmas carols and songs. Further to this, our pupils present every resident with a handmade Christmas card and our staff donate presents for every resident which are handed over during our visit. Take a look at this fantastic event below:

Harvest Festival

During October, as an academy, we always celebrate the Harvest Festival. The Harvest Festival is a traditional event celebrating the successful gathering of the year’s crops. Often celebrated in schools, communities are encouraged to donate home-grown produce, fruit and vegetables to those in need; and this no different at Birley Primary Academy. This year, we decided to have an assembly all about food parcels collect donations from our families and staff in order to donate them to our local food bank – Handsworth Foodbank. There are a couple of images below showcasing the fantastic assembly led by pupils and the response from our school community.

Community Clean-Ups

As an academy, we always look for ways to make contributions to the local community. As a result of this, we have embarked upon a number of projects arising from issues that matter most to the community. Our Community Clean-Up is one example of this. Due to concerns around the amount of litter that had built up in specific areas of the community, our Birley Brigade took to the streets armed with litter pickers to try and improve the situation.

Good Parking Scheme

In response to issues related to parking in the local area, particularly at school pick-up and drop-off times, our Birley Brigade have worked alongside the Sheffield City Council, Safer Parking Attendants and South Yorkshire Police on a ‘Good and Bad Parking Scheme’. Councillors have attended our meetings and we have discussed parking around the local area. We designed tickets that we could place onto cars to say well done for parking safely around the academy and headed out into the community to say thank you to members of the school community who were parking correctly.

Remembrance Service

Every year, the academy will send representatives from Birley Primary Academy to attend and contribute to the Remembrance Service held at the Frecheville Memorial. In the past, we have contributed to the event by making wreaths that we place on the memorial as part of the service.

Charity Fundraising

In addition to working hard to support the local community, the academy work hard to ensure that we donate to charities who work both on a national and global level. You can have a look at the charity work that we have completed by accessing our Charity Fundraising Page