Music at Birley

At Birley Primary Academy, we believe that Music offers our children an opportunity to develop in many different ways.

In our youngest children, it helps to develop the left side of the brain which is used for language and reasoning. It also helps with the development of spatial intelligence – the ability to mentally visualise and manipulate images.

It gives our children an insight into other cultures and periods of history and promotes their creativity and problem solving skills.

It gives our children an opportunity for self-expression, fosters confidence, and encourages teamwork and communication.

Through learning musical instruments our children learn resilience and take risks through performing to audiences.

During their time at Birley Primary Academy, the children have many opportunities to perform on the stage during musical events, play performances and musical recitals.

 In Year 5, all pupils participate in lessons delivered by a specialist teacher from the Sheffield Music Hub. In these sessions, they develop their musicality and begin to learn to play a brass instrument. Following this, between ten and fifteen students have the opportunity to continue their brass lessons in Year 6.

Further to this, we also have 23 students from Y3 to Y6 receiving weekly guitar lessons and 31 children enjoying Rock Steady lessons at the academy each week. They play a range of band instruments from drums to keyboards and working towards a whole school performance, including their parents, every term.

Once again, around 30 children will be taking part in the Young Voices concert at Sheffield Arena. They are already enjoying meeting regularly to practise the songs in advance of the special event whilst all KS2 classes have the opportunity to visit Sheffield City Hall to listen to the Halle Orchestra annually.
All of this is in addition to our music curriculum, where lessons are taught weekly throughout the academy.

Birley Primary Academy are proud to be a Music Mark school which we have been awarded in recognition of our commitment to providing a high-quality music education for our children.