Dinner Menus

At Birley Primary Academy, we believe that a daily nutritious meal at lunchtime is an essential part of the school day. It enables pupils to feel re-energised and ready for the afternoon lessons ahead. Our school cook and her team of assistants prepare a varied and well balanced menu, and all food is prepared freshly each day at the academy. We believe in offering value for money delicious meals to suit all appetites, and ensuring that different tastes are catered for.


Each school meal costs £2.25; for a full week the charge is £11.25. Cashless payment should be made in advance through your SchoolComms account. Please be aware that children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 receive a free academy meal every day if they wish to.


On our menu, we offer a vegetarian option each day as well as a Jacket Potato. There are also pasta options, and children can help themselves to limitless water and visits to the salad bar. We actively encourage healthy eating and we aim to provide meals that are low in fat, salt and sugar, and high in fibre. Please see our 3 weekly menu below:

Summer Menu – Week 1

Summer Menu – Week 2

Summer Menu – Week 3


Meals are eaten in the academy’s dining room and children are encouraged to enjoy this social occasion and practise good table manners. If children do not wish to have a school dinner, they may bring a packed lunch from home and these are eaten in the school hall. Please follow the suggestions below for a healthy packed lunch.

Healthy Packed Lunches

Healthy lunches and snacks are important for active children. Recent research has also shown that improving diet can improve concentration, learning and behaviour, although we know healthy eating changes are not always easy to make! Try to encourage your child to be involved in preparing their own lunch and choosing the foods to include.

The key to a healthy lunchbox is to include a balance of foods from the four main food groups:

  • Breads and cereals
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Meat
  • Milk and dairy products

Foods in the fifth food group, containing fat and sugar, should be eaten in moderation.

A packed lunch should provide a range of nutrients for children. Including a wide variety of foods in a lunchbox will provide this range of nutrients, and prevent children becoming bored with the same foods. Most importantly, children should look forward to and enjoy their packed lunch in school. Children can take a while to get used to food changes, so praise them when they try new foods and save unhealthier foods for occasional treats.

Tips for a Healthy Lunchbox

  • Make sandwiches with pitta, wholegrain or wholemeal bread.
  • Use less butter or margarine.
  • Use low-fat fillings such as ham, fish, cottage cheese or salad.
  • Include fresh fruit or a box of raisins.
  • Use unsweetened fruit juice, water, milk or yoghurt drinks.
  • Cut down on crisps and use plain popcorn or dried fruit as an alternative. Instead of cakes and biscuits, put in scones, currant buns and fruit bread.
  • Try to include some vegetables, such as tomatoes, sticks of carrot, cucumber, celery and peppers.

The Foods Standards Agency has put together four weeks of nutritionally balanced lunch box suggestions. Check out their website here!