Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities
At Birley Primary Academy, we host a wide variety of extra-curricular activities before and after the school day. Have a look at the wide variety of clubs that children can experience during the course of the academic year below:


For the football fanatics, Birley host a variety of football clubs ran by well-established external companies who are widely respected across the city. On two days of the week, Little Messys run their after-school clubs for children in Key Stage 1 and Lower Key Stage 2. In addition to this, Billy Sharp’s Football Academy also run sessions for children at the academy. Further to this, coaches from Sheffield United run football sessions during the lunch hour for children in Key Stage 2. Whilst all of these sessions are inclusive for boys and girls, we also run girls only football sessions for our children.


At Birley Primary Academy, we run a range of different multi-sport clubs during the course of the week. These sessions can include a wide variety of sports including basketball, dodgeball, golf, archery, football and athletics.

Dance and Gymnastics

Our Glee Dance as well as our Gymnastics sessions are run by D E Sportz and Dance. Taking place on two days of the week, these sessions are perfect for children with an enthusiasm for dancing and for budding gymnasts. 


ComputerXplorers provide specialist computing classes to the children at Birley Primary Academy in our after-school computing club. They bring a passion for computing to children and their clubs are really enjoyed by all who attend.

Built Environments

Built Environments is a club introduced to the academy though our partnership with Children’s University but what is it? Head over to our Children’s University page to find out more about this after-school club.

Yes Chef!

Another club that has been launched in conjunction with Sheffield Children’s University is our ‘Yes Chef’ club.  This is an amazing opportunity for children to develop their knowledge all around food. For full details about this extra-curricular activity, head over to our Children’s University page.

Young Voices Choir

Every week, our Young Voices choir meet to practise and prepare for the Young Voices Concert that takes place during the course of the academic year. They have a wide variety of songs and dances to practice to wow the live audience that they will be performing for at the Sheffield Arena.

Secret Mission Club

What happens at the Secret Mission Club? Well, that would be telling! However, it could be anything from crossing the Amazon River to retrieve gold in the middle of a thunderstorm to building base camps fit for the jungle. The Secret Mission club will be full of activities that are fun and engaging and will develop children’s strength of character – and when it comes to building character and resilience in schools, there is nobody better trained than Commando Joe’s team of highly skilled instructors.


Rocksteady Music School provides in-school fun and inclusive rock and pop band lessons for primary school children. Rocksteady have been working with the children at Birley Primary Academy for over a year now and they have worked hard towards creating amazing group performances in front of the whole school community.

Chess Club

At Birley Primary Academy, we offer our children the opportunity to attend our Chess Club ran by Mr Cosgrove. Chess has many educational benefits, giving children intellectual capital and transferable skills such as focus, discipline, concentration, spatial awareness and strategic thinking.

Wider Opportunities in Music

Children have the opportunity to attend the Wider Opportunites in Music Club. During this time, children have the chance to learn how to play a brass instrument or children can have the opportunity to complete guitar lessons.