British Values and SMSC

Fundamental British Values at Birley Primary School

Throughout our curriculum and ethos, we aim to promote Fundamental British Values within all aspects of Birley Primary Academy. We expect individuals associated with our school to aim to adhere and respect these values which unite us all whatever our faith, ethnicity, culture or beliefs.

The Government emphasises that school are required to ensure that key British Values are taught in all UK schools. The Government set out its definition of British values in the ‘Prevent Strategy’ – and these values are:

  • Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual respect and
  • Tolerance

There are times when our taught curriculum cover these values as themes but we also make the most out of other opportunities that present themselves locally, nationally or globally. The way in which these are taught are appropriate to the stages of development of the children.

At Birley Primary Academy, we embed these values through a wide variety of examples, some including:-

  • Assemblies
  • School Council
  • Rewarding Positive Behaviours
  • Providing guidance and support when dealing with inappropriate behaviour
  • Charity Work
  • Celebrating different faiths and cultures
  • School Trips
  • Sports Day / Physical Education
  • Appreciation of rules and laws to protect people
  • We teach the children about decision making through a democratic process

Have a thorough read through the document below which outlines further examples of how British Values are promoted at Birley Primary Academy.

SMSC Development and Civic Responsibility

At Birley Primary Academy, we believe in building a community of confident, responsible, caring, compassionate, respectful and highly motivated children who will grow up into strong and active members of society who are able to take their place in the world and go on to great and exciting things.

Our academy’s curriculum is planned to support this, and enriched with a wealth of opportunities for pupils to learn and play together, to take part in a wide variety of cultural activities, and to mix with people of other ages, cultures and faiths in order to develop understanding and interest in the world.

We aim to give our children the very best.

At Birley Primary Academy, SMSC is sometimes taught discretely, and sometimes through other subjects. It is interwoven with the drive to promote positive relationships with all people and to ensure that extremism and radicalization is addressed early. Each year, we take part in a range of activities such as Diwali, Holocaust Memorial Day, Chinese New Year and Remembrance Day to develop the children’s appreciation of other people and faiths. 

Please read below our documentation that provides examples of work undertaken at the academy to promote citizenship and children’s SMSC development.

SMSC Development at Birley Primary Academy

Developing Civic Responsibility Overview