Sport at Birley

At Birley Primary Academy, our children and staff have a shared passion for PE and sport.

Our PE curriculum is broad and balanced and supports our children to experience a range of sports and activities to develop their practical, social and mental health skills.

To support our curriculum offer, we have been regularly supported throughout the year by DZ Sports & Dance, Forge School Sports Partnership, Sheffield United Community Foundation, Little Messys and Billy Sharp Football Academy.

External coaches help us to offer extra provision for targeted groups, such as children with SEND and children eligible for pupil premium funding.

Coaches support teachers and children within their PE lessons as well as delivering extra-curricular activities before, during and after school.

Some of the extra-curricular activities take place year on year as well as fresh and new activities to ensure variety and in response to pupil voice. Some extra-curricular activities work towards and include competitions either within school or externally.