School Council

Birley Primary Academy School Council 2019-2020.

Y1: Connor, Millie, Lily- Rae
Y2: Bobby, Alex, Jacob
Y3: Logan, Ella, Jayden
Y4: Zaynab, Romey, Miller
Y5: JD, Alicia, Lucy
Y6: Lucy, Izzy, Olivia

We are proud to have a wonderful group of School Councillors at Birley Primary Academy this year. The carefully selected children have been given the important job of being the voice of the pupils of our school. So far this year, we have been involved in;

  • Menu changes for our school dinners, also known as ‘Children’s Choice’. The councillors drafted a list of popular foods and took it to their classes for a vote. The top three favourite meals are now on the menu!
  • Fundraising for the NSPCC ‘Speak out stay safe’ campaign. We planned, organised and promoted out ‘Obstacle Colour Run’ on Friday 18th October, which was a great success. We will update you with our total amount raised soon, so watch this space for more information.
  • Feedback of our school’s behaviour policy. The councillors were given a list of questions to ask their class and report back to the Inclusion team.

Upcoming items;

  • Halloween disco fundraising money
  • Children In Need
  • Children’s hospital snowflake appeal
  • Christmas Fayre

Keep checking the page for upcoming updates for the School Council.